1. This institution is run on the principles which are enunciated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji who believed in the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. Hence nothing can preached or practiced in this institution which goes against the basic teachings of Guru Nanak.

2. As this institution stands for upholding and protecting the inner values of Sikh religion-any Sikh student found violating the sanctity of hairs or beard shall be liable to disciplinary action.

3. The institution does not make any discrimination on the basis of caste,creed,religion and language ehile admitting the students in its various classes.

4. The institution stands for dispelling ignorance and illiteracy in its own humble way from the general masses of the country and in this connection it provides facilities for free education, free books and free clothes to poor and needy students and scholarship to the meritorious student.

5. The institution aims at the development of all round personality of the students and hereby enabling them to become worthy sons and daughters of their motherland.

6. The institution provides an opportunity to the students having different castes, religions, languages and cultures to meet together at a common platform and to understand each other's way of life and thereby it aims at promoting national and emotional integration among the student community of the country.

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