The Advent of Guru Nanak was aptly described by Bhai Gurdasa, renowed saint, as "the light that scattered the mists of that time." The state of society at the time GURU NANAK, the founder of Sikhism, and the First Guru, came on the scene was at its lowest ebb. It was completely caste ridden pinning its faith to outmoded ritualistic and superstitious practices, hide bound by innumerable caste regulations and conventions dividing people into endless compartments. This caste ridden socity showed fissiparous tendencies leading to its gradual disintegration because of the inherent weakness of the system and the consequent rivalries. Dharma was slowly dying down. It was in these circumstances that the light of Guru Nanak emerged to dispel the surrounding darkness.

             Guru Nanak laid stress on the fundamental truth in all regions and seldom asked anyone to give up his own faith. He condemned the caste system and untouchability in no uncertain terms by good action alone; he said can anyone claim to be of high caste and not by the exigency of birth. He further said, they alone are of low birth who forgets the true master. Without the grace of his name, their status is low.

             The Guru was totally "asceticism" and fortune of the few to get enlightenment. He attached supreme importance to right conduct and repetition of and meditation on the name of God. He advised us to be in the world but not wordly and he wanted us to be of pure heart. The Guru exalted the Dharma of the house holder and the company of holy men.

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